Quarter Midget Racing is a family sport that includes the whole family and brings families closer together... Not sure how to set up a quarter midget? No worries, we have MENTORS that walk you through everything... Not sure racing is for your family? Stop out at our track at the fairgrounds on sign & drive events where we will fit your lil racer with all the safety gear they need to take one of our cars for some laps and ask all the questions you have, we have plenty of experienced racers and handlers to answer all of them... Follow us on facebook for up to date information, dates and plenty of photos from very proud families.... Admission is always free

Interested in finding out if quarter

midget racing is the sport for you

and your driver(s)? The Syracuse  

Quarter Midget Club holds two

Promotion Days every summer.

Interested families can come to

our track and youths can drive a

quarter midget race car.

Click here for more details.


         Quarter Midget Club


Sign & Drive Events

Racing most Friday nights from April-October.

The clubs are going to be working together on a can drive so please start collecting now... Date and Place will be posted soon.. Will arrange pick up if needed..


Racing for youths 5-16 years of age.

Admission is always Free.

Special thanks to Liv Sakolic for all her years of capturing these once in a lifetime moments...


  • Eye of the Tiger4:03
  • Fastest Girl In Town4:04
  • Molly Hatchet- Flirting With D5:00
  • Guitar Slinger3:59
  • Sweet Home Alabama5:00
  • Charlie Daniels Band-The South4:03
  • Johnny B-Goode2:38
  • Aaron Tippin: Kiss This (video2:59
  • Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe1:43
  • Shut Up And Drive3:58
  • Fastest Girl In Town4:04
  • Dirt Track Cowboys (Official V2:55
  • Smoke A Little Smoke3:11
  • House arrest1:38
  • Rockstar OFFICIAL VIDEO4:14
  • The Only Way I Know ft Luke Br3:15
  • Me Bobby McGee4:28
  • Mamas Broken Heart3:01
  • Thats How Country Boys Roll3:54
  • Beach Boys Little Deuce Coupe1:43
  • Comin To Your City (Video)4:13
  • Hallelujah2:57
  • Hell On Wheels4:06
  • Brett Young Back On The Wagon3:39
  • David Ball Riding With Private4:24
  • All Jacked Up3:30
  • Here For The Party3:32
  • Hotel California6:31
  • Eight Second Ride3:06
  • In Color - Video4:12
  • Dirt Road Anthem3:48
  • Hallelujah2:57
  • Long Black Train4:15
  • Paradise By The Dashboard Ligh8:25
  • Molly Hatchet- Flirting With D5:00
  • Where I Come From official Vid3:40
  • Stroker Ace Charlie Daniels Ba2:34
  • Wipe Out (60s version)2:17
  • Highwayman3:22
  • The One I Loved Back Then -- T2:31
  • As Good As I Once Was4:34
  • Tracy LawrenceFind Out Who You3:52
  • Stroker Ace Charlie Daniels Ba2:34

Apr 28th  Feature Winners Pt#1

Lil Des                                     Jr Honda

Doug Earley                           Sr Honda

Jacob Matzel                         Hvy Honda

Scotty Strait                         Lt 160

Jacob Matzel                        Hvy 160

​Zach Anderson                      LWF

Sign & Drive

​Sat May 6th from 9-1

Sat Aug 5th from 9-1

Tully's fundraiser Coupons will be available at the track..PLEASE pick some up and hand them out... We recieve 10% of the sales with every coupon that gets used.. Coupon good for May 18th ​must have printed coupon..